Queen for a Day – March of the Black Queen

It starts off simply. A piano and an interstitial guitar. Within seconds it explodes with multilayered harmonies and before you know it, it revs up into a high gear, like a juggernaut. Even when it turns into a near a Capella it still rolls at 100mph.
Then, a guitar solo amidst a march the Red Queen would have been jealous of.
In short, it’s March of the black Queen, the centerpiece of Queen II. And I’ve always wondered why anyone would have been surprised at the operatic hit a few years later since that’s what this song is: opera.
If there is one song that truly represents all Queen was about, it’s this one. Everyone shines from the players to the producers. There are so many surprises (and a beloved harpsichord) and treats and movements, it’s an impossible song to deny. It plays like a five act play. Truthfully, all of side black begs to be turned into a musical theater experience.
(note: Blogger’s servers were down yesterday when this was supposed to publish. There will be another entry later tonight.)

Grade: A+

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– Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

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