Queen for a Day – If You Can’t Beat Them/Let Me Entertain You

At some point it became painfully obvious that, having run out of ideas (jealousy) the guys would just grab a random phrase and write a song about it.
“You better do it cuz it makes you feel good”? Awful? John Deacon, of course. But Freddie’s guilty as well, but at least his tune can be used as some kind of anthem to get the crowd going and intro the band.
The songs a catchy, but that’s because by this time they could write hits in their sleep.
–man, that is one long guitar solo in If You Can’t….
The weakness of the tracks are elevated by the playing, as usual, but that’s little excuse, they just don’t sound like they’re trying here.

If You Can’t Beat Them
Grade: C+
Let Me Entertain You
Grade: B

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