Death by Television: Heroes (ABC)

Death by Television is a new feature based on a couple things: 1. I love television. I have two tivos, one in the bedroom and one in the kitchen and a dual recording HDDVR in the living room. I can rip anything off the Tivo in the bedroom to my macbook and burn it to my ipod for later viewing. There is nothing I want to see that I can not see.
That said. I find myself disappointed more than ever lately in the state of visual storytelling. For, isn’t that why we love TV? To be told stories about people we care about, hate, are jealous of, are scared for, etc?
2. I also enjoy Twitter. Call me names, I don’t care, I love the pithy, quick blurbage that our society has descended to.
With that we start Death by Television. Quick reviews of the returning and debuting television shows for the new season.The longest thing in this segment “should” be this introduction. Stop reading if the reviews are more than a couple hundred words. The shows won’t be worth it.

Heroes – Season 3 – ABC Mondays

This might have been the most boring, lugubrious, casting off of audience goodwill and currency in the history of TV. Or, maybe, it’s just that, after a terrific first season (with a terrible ending) there was no place to go.
Doesn’t matter. I couldn’t get through this two hour snoozefest and I found myself wishing that these “Heroes” would just band together and solve crimes ala Misfits of Science or Legion of Superheroes.

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