Death by Television: Boston Legal (ABC)

I am a Boston Legal addict.
It happened over the summer.
With a dearth of television and movies disappointing me at every turn I turned to the first season of BL and never looked back.
I watched the first three seasons at breakneck speed, check my Netflix history.
I have yet to see Season 4 but last night saw the return for 5 and I, of course, tuned it.
The show was decidedly uninteresting. Spader’s closing was extremely well written as usual. This time he defeats Big Tobacco.
I think what has finally gotten to me is: Shatner’s character, Denny Crane almost NEVER does or says anything remotely humane. Why does Spader, the most lefty crusading bleeding heart lawyer this side the tv world has seen since The Defenders, keep calling him his best friend?
Doesn’t make sense.
That said.
Still crackled enough for me to keep watching.

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